Competitive Divisions


Q: How are divisions organized?
A: Divisions are organize using a variation of factors outside of just the usual "KD Cap". This is done so that everyone has a chance to win regardless of their KD and skill level!


Q: How many divisions are there?
A: There are at least 3 divisions every tournament consisting of 10-20 teams. These numbers can vary between Duos, Trios, and Quads tournaments as well as how many teams register.


Q: Why not organize divisions exclusively based on KD?
A: We do take into account the combined KD of teams competing but considering our tournaments are based on total kills and placement points, we also take a look at other factors such as average kills per game, deaths, ect. Players might have the same KD but one could have twice the kills per game depending on how many times he dies per game, this makes a big difference in the possible score a team can achieve in a kill race tournament.