Live Leaderboard

Q: Do I have to stream?   

A: No, our bot tracks your stats in real time so there is no need to stream your games during tournaments. Someone from staff will double check all of the winners stats at the end of the tournament to confirm "Unofficial Results". 

Q: Why are my scores not showing up?

A: It takes about 25min for the leaderboard to update after someone wins the last game you played in (wether it was you or an opponent). Also, this means no games will show on your leaderboard for the first 25 min of the tournament. 

Q: Why can't I find my team on the leaderboard?

A: Make sure to double check the complete tournament team list and that you are looking at the correct leaderboard. If you still cant find your team and your team registration had been confirmed contact us via Discord as soon as possible.